Attacking the weak to gain mana points with the strong and evil

Applause, girls! 
Nothing changes even if the name and marking of the 'M' from 'F' does. Simply a policy of shooshing the truth of what certain people have been doing for centuries: side with the strong, attack the weak whom the strong stands in opposition with and gain points for food and cloth and security.
'Frailty, thy name is woman'


If anyone does read or think, they know what 'harassment' really is. Only weak willed and cowardly individuals of low class engage in it. In fact, I consider those people invaders of privacy and personal space, violators and even soul rapists. Luckily for me and others like me, the law agrees with us. A unified action against harassers from all types and walks of life will be taken very, very seriously. If people know me or about me, they will know how seriously I take the matter of deviant actions within the sphere of respect for personal space and human soul. 
Ye be warned

Hello and who I am

I am a spiritual person and a student of theology. My roots are told by my parents to be from the stars and my genetics descendant from the great original Aliens. Such lore is among our family's archives and passed on from child to child, obviously with an implied generational passage. Duh.
Are we elves? Are we angels? Are we aliens? We use different terminology and even different time line. Everything different. People often ask me: and where are you from? It is quiet irrelevant as the heritage I am speaking about is galactical and starry, not earthy. So my direct genetics would make little difference at this point, since it is a heritage that is not a blood related completely. That is what upsets me a lot: people jump in and ask stupid ass questions instead of listening: I just told you. Why do you ask?
We do have a criteria for judgment and differentiation, tools to understand and learn and skills and knowledge passed on and on. 
Who are our allies? Obviously people like us. Are humans our allies? Human form contains many spirits, but there are some that are foreighn to us and even hostile. Just like some human tribes do not like others and that dislike in inter generational, so do intergalactic tribes get along with some but not with others. We have reasons for that, long history and wars. To that effect many books have been published and many stories written. To more personal friends I could answer more directly but as of now such reason does not exist. I always direct people to my favorite teacher and silent protector and guide: Mr. David Icke. Mr. David Icke has written an amazing variety of books and among them a very special one worth reading and money is 'Children of the Matrix.' 'I am me and I am free' is another one of his books. The basic subject of his work is a life long research on the subject of extra terrestrial human invasion-collaboration. Mr.Icke counts 3 distinct races from space that have populated this planet in together with the human genes. It is not necessarily that I agree with Mr. Icke a 100% but I have received my lore that stated very simliar things at many points. 
Our race - race of those who descend from other than plane human genome has suffered much persecution in the hands of humans. Often our heritage and lore has been brutally exterminated and destroyed, annals erased and carriers of memory destroyed and attacked. Throughout history, one nation has took it upon itself to establish a pattern of brutalizing its neighbors, abusing other religious perspective and eventually going as far as eradicating numerous nations and their culture, killing off entire population and destroying even history and memory. Luckily to us there are always people in every tribe and some memory and cultural heritage has survived till this day.
Gladly enough, the nation's cultural and spiritual descendants are raising their heads now, after the oppression that lasted for a duration of almost 6,000 years to speak to us their truth and to convey to us their stories. The lore, the knowledge, the lost pieces of the puzzle that that killer nationa has appropriated are now clearly in view. We are starting to come closer to the mystery of who we are and where our real ancestors were from. Lost pieces of puzzle that caused so much suffering and pain and all due to usuraption and power corruption of one greedy and possessive alien, who has stood at he forefront of that 'religion' for numerous amount of time.
And so, this is who I am. I have written extensively in my other journals on the subject of psychic manipulation and abuse. I have done extensive research on the subject of mental abuse by reptilian and non reptilian alliens and their students. I always believed in guarding and protecting humanity, even though I am a mere visitor on this planet and actually arrived here for studying magick and alchemy and history. I was rudely interrupted at my studies by a call of desperation and agony from Earth, and unable to resist the true nature of my soul which is protective and helpful, I had to come to help. Big my surprise when I discovered that ingratitude and punishment were administered for helping and protecting! People persecuted me for speaking the truth, abused my work, called me names and even tried to put me away to a psychiatric institution for upsetting the unfair and cannibalistic status quo! I was miraculously rescued by my associates and friens later, but at first by mere strangers who saw the sign of insignia on me and understood the importance of the Great Work I was initiated into to do. For these people is my deepest gratitude and their names can be known and probaly are known to many of people by now. These consituted mere strangers, friends, lovers and silent spirit. One of the people whom I want to deeply thank and bring to the attention of my protectors is Larry Freeman, a social worker at the Beth Israel of Manhattan. I pray daily for this man's well being for being of a caliber and quality that he is. I wonder what his destiny became now and pray my friends and allies watch over him since he may be vulnerable at this time. He was speedily dismissed from the hospital for his collaboration against live human research the wonderful 'hospital' on 16th street and e1st avenue Manhattan NY USA was conducting! Stories of abuse can be found at various journals of mine but the best you contact me directly and I will direct you to a proper source. I have ensured that not only the stories are scattered all around, but that they are listend in certain places and under certain names to ensure their preservation and educational integrity. 
In addition, I would like to say that there is one special person whose merrit and worth and being are not only absolute and unwrothy of my humble words, but who is also a lot more than he dares himself to think and someone whose ancestors, friends, family and allies should be proud off daily. 
And so, my dear listeners and visitors, I would like to bid you all a good listening and pondering on how important it is to realize simple truths right under your noses. Don't let any one take away who you are and daily remember to educate yourselves on the nature of truth.