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theogabriel's Journal

DJ Zeno Gabriel Etc.
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  • theogabriel@livejournal.com
28 year old (but always 15 of course) transgay man, 7 months on T and from Azerbaijan originally (SU). A heavy spiritual practioner and devout pagan. Sci fi, space exploration, shamanism, satanism and mind control and manipulation interest and occupy me! Love animals, bears (two legged ones lol), wolves (yep, there is a wolf clan and I am of it) and strange things. Love chocalate and cream cheese, beer, wine and hard liquor. Hate stupid people, people who do not even know about planetary system, those who constantly reduce and cowards.
Love bikers, biker bars, hot men, smart women, media, yaoi, gay bondage and love, leather and BDSM.